Sunday, 1 March 2015

SS15 primark goodies

After a spontaneous trip to Primark, I felt it was only right that I share my purchases with you so that you too can grab a few bargains for spring!

SS15 has brought with it beautiful pastels that extend throughout Primark's clothing, accessories and homeware collections (and I flippin' love it!).

Firstly, I HAVE TO talk about this gorgeous blouse with zip detailing down the front.  It's only £10 and available in a range of colours... still my eternal love for monochrome drew me straight to the off-white shade!

I have worn this a couple of times since I bought it last week and I cannot recommend it enough, its a flattering length and can be dressed up with black jeans or PU leggings and shoe boots OR dressed down in the day with jeans and pretty pumps (or, dare I say it, sandals if the weather hots up!).  It will go with anything and is a classic wardrobe "go-to".

Due to the nature of the fabric however I would advise the addition of an under top... at least in the day!

I always stock up on accessories in Primark, fashions change so quickly that there is little point investing tonnes of money into a particular season, plus I'm a student!  I will only spend serious money when its a piece (like a coat or bag) that will see me through.

Like I said, the pastel craze has extended beyond the new clothing collection in Primark, this beautiful pastel flower necklace is only £3 and features five flowers in pale pink, green, bluey lilac and a pale orangey gold colour.  I'm not big on bling, but the subtle gems in the centre of each of the flowers just add a little bit of sparkle without it being tacky.  I also bought a simple double bar gold necklace that was just £2, I mean its CRAZY prices!

I spied a cute pair of wayfarer-esque sunglasses in a matte tortoiseshell with narrow gold arms, very simple and chic.  They definitely look more expensive than their £2 price tag!  I buy far too many pairs of sunglasses, but I go through them so quickly (hence why I will never shell out more than £12 on a pair!).

I did invest £1.50 in a matte black snakeskin effect sunglasses case with a spring opening.  It is ridiculous that places will charge beyond £5 for a sunglasses case, so these are an absolute steal and the spring opening will keep your sunnies exactly where you want them.

I am a sucker for candles, and as I walked past the home section these two scents jumped out at me, who wouldn't love a bubble bath surrounded by pineapple and ginger or vanilla and coconut scents.  The glass holders are also veeeeeery nice (once the labels have been removed of course), and I think they look far more expensive then their teenie £2 price tag.  The range includes a few more fragrances as well as other sizes including tealights, I can't remember if they also do reed diffusers but I'm sure I would have bought some if they did... I will HAVE TO go back and check!

I won't talk about the undies too much except to say that they're only £1 a pair and are the comfiest I have ever tried, also look at the pretty seasonal colours!

Finally my beauty buys, I never used to look twice at the beauty section of Primark, but I have since heard great things so I thought I'd give it a try!

I have wanted an EOS lip balm for AAGGGESSSSSS, but at £6.50 (Selfridges) I just cannot justify it!  So when I found this alternative in Primark for £2 I grabbed it straight away.  It also contains shea butter like the EOS balm and smells amazing.  The applicator is somewhat of a gimmick, but with a smooth silky matte case it will definitely be a talking point and again looks like its worth far more than just £2.  I've been using it daily and I must say - for someone who suffers with chapped lips in this cold weather - my lips feel surprisingly smooth.

I also grabbed two nail polishes, I wanted to try both a gel one and a standard polish, as they are both available for just £1.  Before I had even made it home, the nails were painted, and after three thin coats of the gel polish... here is the result!

I was really happy with the colour and the coverage, plus it smelt like blueberry scented gel pens (not sure if thats intentional as they did not specify it was scented... but to all you 90s kids out there, I swear it does!).  I did find that I had a couple of small chips in the varnish the next day, but I hadn't applied a top coat and I find that even my priciest polishes chip... so maybe I just do it wrong!

I haven't tried the red polish yet, but it's a beautiful raspberry red colour and I can't WAIT to try it!

Finally I grabbed a couple of glass nail files for £1 as I had heard really great reviews and I like to keep a file in my handbag.  The carboardy paper ones never last so I will let you know how these go down!

Phew! Sooooo that's everything, hopefully you have been inspired to hot foot it down to Primark and grab your SS15 essentials before they're gone!

Signing out, EG x

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